Mar. 30th, 2015


Mar. 30th, 2015 09:45 pm
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Live preview | Code

  • sidebar image (260x260px)
  • default icon, navigation links, links list, tags list, custom text
  • comment pages
  • icon pages
  • fixed width
How to install:
1. Go to the  "Select style" page, search for "Basic Boxes" and apply any theme.
2. Go to the "Customize your theme" page, click the "Custom CSS" tab and paste the code into the "Use embeded CSS" field. Uncheck "Use layout's stylesheet(s)". After that, copy and paste the following|Rochester into the "Custom stylesheet URL" field.
3. Click the "Modules" tab and enable "Custom text".
4. Click the "Text" tab. In the "Entry" section change the text for "Text to read comments" and "Text to read comments from Your Reading page" to 1//#.

To replace the image in the sidebar, go to the "Custom CSS" tab and search for #header > .inner:first-child in the code field. Replace the background's url with your own.


Layout images:


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