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  • all-in-one theme containing about, links (including page links), contact with ask, submit and optional faq and blogroll
  • 300 - 500px wide posts
  • show tags on click (optional)
  • like and reblog links on index page
  • pagination or infinite scroll (with optional manual load)
  • font size and google fonts of your choice
  • custom photoset lightbox
Credits:This is a revamp of an older theme.

All additional panels are optional. Instructions and examples can be found in the code.

If you disable the navigation panel, your page links will be added to the sidebar navigation. You can also add up to four extra sidebar links. If you disable the contact panel, links to the ask and submit pages will be added to the sidebar navigation.
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Hello and welcome to my design journal containing free custom layouts made by me, rosecarmine.

Currently available:
- 26 dreamwidth layouts,
- 3 dreamwidth styles,
- 8 tumblr themes

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy using my layouts.